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The BHG Claims Department is responsible for assisting the agencies in our provider network with their claims submission. We employ a professional Claims Specialist with over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry. It is her job to help the agencies submit their billing files and claims in conformance with State rules and regulations to minimize rejected files and denied claims.

The Claims Specialist monitors various reports from the state to identify files and individual claims that have been rejected due to errors. If a file and/or claim is rejected she will notify the provider and give them an explanation of why it was rejected and what needs to be done to correct it. She works closely with the provider's billing department to get their claims paid and reduce the turn-around-time on their receivables, thus improving the provider's cash flow. If this service was not available and errors were not caught and corrected, the billing cycle could be extended by over 30 days or the claims could even go unpaid.

The Claims Specialist also provides telephone support and stays up-to-date on State and County rules and regulations. During FY03, BHG processed almost 600,000 claim lines for our Boards. This eliminates a significant administrative burden on our member boards, freeing up their time for other mission critical functions.

To learn more about how BHG can assist your board or agency please complete our information request form.



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